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Counseling Can Help You

What is counseling?

Counseling provides people with the opportunity to talk with someone who listens and is supportive.  Professional mental health counselors use various techniques designed to help clients cope with or improve their situation and relationships.  Counseling generally takes place over regular multiple sessions with each session lasting up to one hour.

Mission City FWC has 6 LPC's and 4 Board Certified Faith Based counselors and 4 administrative staff (all volunteers who have come together to fill the gap in MH & Behavioral Health Care)

Do you need to have a mental illness to work with a counselor?

No.  In fact many people use counselors to help in dealing with life’s everyday issues or even as a way for personal growth.  Often, small issues can be solved thereby avoiding potentially bigger problems. 

What types of issues can counseling help with?

Counseling can help with a variety of issues. For example, counseling can increase self esteem, confidence, spiritual health, and improve family relationships.  It can also help ease feelings of depression, anxiety, grief, or loss.  Counseling can also help people deal with addiction, abuse, aging, and a variety of male and female issues. Mission City Family Wellness Center is networking with local Mental Health professionals and agencies to aid in the ongoing treatment and care of persons with;

How long will I need counseling?

Each situation is different.  There is no set amount of time that can be prescribed to a particular issue.  The counselor together with the client can best determine if only one session, a few sessions, or a much longer period is required.

Is Counseling Confidential?

Confidentiality is an integral part of therapy; what’s discussed in the session can not be disclosed with anyone else.  There are some exceptions where the counselor is required by law to report situations.  In general, if a counselor suspects child abuse or determines that the client is a danger to himself or others, the counselor is required to report it.
Family Therapy

A mental health issue generally affects one’s entire family. When problems arise, whether it is seen in one family member or between two or more members, the whole family is affected. Family therapy can help teach all members of the family that the problem seen in one person is often the result of many contributing factors. A Mission City FWC therapist can help you and your family identify communication problems, problems with a lack of family structure, over-involvement with a family member(s), estrangement, faulty relational and interactional dynamics. Mission City FWC offers a great service in the area of family counseling, as you and your family do not all have to meet at a certain time and coordinate hectic schedules. Therapy can be provided to you and your family in your own home at a convenient time, including weekends and nights
Counseling Service by Phone

Using the phone to talk with a counselor is not much different than what you could expect from an office visit. The therapy we offer at Mission City FWC, by way of the telephone, can be as effective, or even more effective, than the traditional in-office visits.

You may have anxieties or concerns about office visits and may not be as willing to open up and truly express your feelings and thoughts because it seems too overwhelming or intimidating to sit down, face-to-face with a counselor. By using the telephone, you can discuss without the self-consciousness you may experience sitting across from a mental health professional.

One of the best features of telephone therapy is that it allows you to choose how long you want your session to last. A typical therapy session usually lasts 45-50 minutes, when using the more traditional office visits. However, with Mission City FWC, you can work with your counselor to choose the amount of time you would like. Not only can you choose to have shorter or longer sessions, you can also work with your counselor to increase the frequency of your sessions if needed.